Lentil Egg Drop Soup

Lentil & Egg-Drop Soup

Hearty, healthy, protein-rich soup that will help keep those cold weather days at bay while leaving you full and energized. Egg-drop soup may indeed be one of my most favourite types of soup in the entire world. The concept is simplistic genius, it’s delectable and can genuinely be enjoyed without feeling guilty. Are eggs good … Continue reading Lentil & Egg-Drop Soup

Miso Soup - The Playful Palate

Miso Soup

Deep flavoured miso broth with creamy chunks of tofu and fresh spring onions. Not your traditional miso soup, but not non-traditional either. An easy 20 minute recipe.

Spicy Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup

A perfect soup for when the leaves start to change colour and you find yourself bundling under blankets. Autumn has arrived.