Cherry Toasted Almond Milkshake

Sweet cherries and vanilla ice cream, mixed with savory toasted almonds & sage. It’s like cherry cheesecake in a glass. And a creamy, flavorful way to end a meal or enjoy on a hot afternoon.

Cherries are in season here in B.C. You can’t walk 10 ft into a grocers’ (or through a social distanced market) without seeing bags of these beauties in one form or another. Dark sweet cherries are in abundance but if you’re lucky you might spot the elusive bright yellow/orange of the Rainier cherry on the shelves. These cherries have a short growing season and are in shorter supply because of the little amount of land devoted to their growth in the Pacific Northwest (also, apparently almost 1/3 of every crop is lost to birds each year). Surprisingly, even though they look like a sour, less mature dark cherry, Rainier cherries are sweeter. They have a lower acidity, resulting in a higher brix (aka sugar content) and provide a punch of sweetness.

Where there are cherries there should also be cherry milkshakes.

Cherry Toasted Almond Milkshake

This recipe yields approximately one large milkshake that can be shared between two self-(shake)-sacrificing people.

1/4 tsp. butter
20 large almonds, roughly chopped
4 sage leaves
1 cup cherries, stems & seeds removed
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup 2% milk

In a small pan over medium heat, melt the butter. Add the almonds, mixing occasionally until toasted, ~3 minutes. Allow to cool. In a spice grinder or hand-held electric coffee grinder, grind the toasted almonds along with the sage into a fine powder.

In a blender, add the cherries, ice cream, milk & almond/sage powder. Blend on high until fully incorporated.

Find a lawn chair in the sun, throw on some shades, lay back and sip on this deliciously cooling shake.

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