Bob’s Eggs Benedict

Creamy, piquant hollandaise poured over perfectly cooked eggs, black forest ham and buttery toasted english muffins. Life is good.

Eggs Benedict. A dish my dad has cooked us since the dawn of time as I know it. Every special, yearly occasion from Christmas morning to Easter to New Years to “I’m craving Dad’s Eggs Benny”​ Day (which could potentially be every day of the year mind you) is the day my Dad expresses his culinary genius. Yes genius. I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t loved Bob’s Eggs Benedict. And since this dish has had such an impact on my love for food & cooking, my Dad has been gracious enough to allow me to share his secret recipe with the world. I am truly blessed to have not only a father but a family who inspires me, drives me and supports me in all I do. So this Eggs Benny’s for you pops! Love you. Thank you ❤

Vinegar vs. Lemon Juice

You’ll notice that this recipe calls for zero lemon juice. There are a ton of recipes out there that use lemon juice as the acid in hollandaise but there’s no comparison (in my opinion) to the taste champagne or white wine vinegar imparts. This sauce uses vinegar to give that piquant *pop* I love in ​hollandaise and I would strongly recommend not substituting it with lemon juice/lime juice/any other acidic juice.

Bob's Eggs Benedict

Bob’s Eggs Benedict

Skill Level: Basic | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Total Time: 35 minutes


*makes 8

2 Tbsp. salted butter, room temperature
*table vinegar (for poaching eggs)
2 egg yolks
3 Tbsp. champagne or white wine vinegar
1 Tbsp. water
8 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1/4 cup salted butter, room temperature (plus 2 additional Tbsp.)
8 eggs
4 english muffins
8 slices black forest ham

Bob's Eggs Benedict

​In a small bowl, whisk the 2 Tbsp. salted butter with the 2 egg yolks using a fork. Set aside.

Set the oven to 200°F. 

Fill a large saucepan with 5/6 water, 1/6 table vinegar. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to low. 

Set up a double broiler. If you have one at home, great! But if you don’t, no worries. First find a soup pan and a bowl that you can sit inside it (make sure there’s about 3 inches of clearance between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of the pan). Next, fill the soup pan with 2 inches of water, place the bowl on-top and set over low heat. (see image of a make-do double broiler below).

Bob's Eggs Benedict

Add the champagne vinegar, water, peppercorns and bay leaves to the bowl/double broiler. Let reduce until about half of the liquid has evaporated.

While you’re waiting for the liquid to evaporate by half, toast all 8 halves of the english muffins in your toaster. When toasted, spread a small amount of butter on the muffins, lay 1 slice of black forest ham overtop and put all 8 halves (ham included) on a baking sheet. Slide the baking sheet in the oven to keep warm.

Remove the peppercorns & bay leaves from the vinegar mixture.

Bob's Eggs Benedict

*This next part may seem a little tedious, but trust me, it’s well worth the effort!
Whisk the salted butter/egg yolk mixture into the reduced vinegar.
Continue whisking as you add 1 Tbsp of room temperature butter. Whisk until the butter is melted and fully incorporated into the sauce, then add another 1 Tbsp of room temperature butter. Again, whisk until that butter is melted and incorporated. Continue adding 1 Tbsp of butter at a time until the 1/4 cup of salted butter is finished.

Congrats! You’ve made hollandaise sauce. Taste test your hollandaise sauce. If you feel the sauce is a bit piquant for your tastes, feel free to add 1-2 more Tbsp. of butter in the same method as above.

Bob's Eggs Benedict

Poach all 8 eggs by cracking them into the water you brought to a boil earlier, gently stirring as you do so to create a vortex. Set a timer for 3.5 minutes (if your like your eggs on the firmer side, set the time for 4 minutes). Make sure to continue to periodically whisk your hollandaise sauce as you wait for the eggs to cook, as there’s a chance it could separate if you don’t!

Remove the warmed english muffins from the oven, place a drained poached egg on each of the ham/english muffins and smother with your hollandaise sauce.

Bon Appétit! 

Bob's Eggs Benedict

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