7 Reasons to Cook at Home

Cooking at home can be time consuming and at times seem tough, but there are some really great reasons to do it; your health and finances being foremost on the list!

1. Know what’s going into your meal

When you cook at home you know EXACTLY what’s going into your meals. From a head of broccoli to that liberal pinch of salt, there’s control over what you and your family are eating. The home cook is less likely to throw unhealthy ingredients into their food because they can physically see them. BUT, when eating out you can’t be sure how much butter, oils, flavourings etc. are being added to make you feel like coming back for more. Knowing what’s in a meal plays a huge roll in your ability to maintain a healthy weight and hidden calories/additives can be detrimental to your goals.

7 Reasons to Cook at Home (from Scratch)

2. Save Money

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, an average restaurant meal costs just under $13, whereas the average meal cooked at home costs around $4 (these numbers are for a single person eating a single meal). That’s a huge difference. Technically you could eat 3 and a quarter home-cooked meals for the price of a single one eating out.

3. Portion Control

Again, home cooking comes down to control. Use smaller plates to help control your serving sizes so you and your family don’t over-indulge.

7 Reasons to Cook at Home (from Scratch)

4. Reduces calories consumption

A study done by Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that restaurant meals contain, on average, 1205 calories – that’s about half of the average daily recommended caloric intake…for a single meal. When we cook at home we are less likely to add those extra sugars, oils & fats and tend to choose healthier, wholesome ingredients.

5. Building a skillset

Master the art of the Creme Brulee, or learn to make your own cheese. Home cooking builds a set of essential, useful and even social skills (if you like cooking with your friends & family).

7 Reasons to Cook at Home (from Scratch)

6. Less processed food consumption

By definition, a processed food is a food item that has had a series of mechanical or chemical operations performed on it to change or preserve it. It’s not realistic to eliminate all processed foods from your diet but home cooking, from scratch, can help to reduce the amounts you consume.

7. Can be fun! Especially if you make it social

Yes, cooking can be fun! I’m a total nerd and I always find learning new things fun. So when I build my cooking skillset, by developing my palate or learning to peel an avocado properly, I’m having a grand time! Added bonus, you can pass on your skills to your kids or use cooking as a way to relax after a long day at work.

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