Bob's Eggs Benedict

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Bob’s Eggs Benedict

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Cherry Toasted Almond Milkshake

Sweet cherries and vanilla ice cream, mixed with savory toasted almonds & sage. It’s like cherry cheesecake in a glass. And a creamy, flavorful way to end a meal or enjoy on a hot afternoon.

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Fresh. Simple. Homemade. 5-ingredient pasta. This pasta making sprouted from boredom and a need to feel productive. Not much else to it really. I had an afternoon to myself, other members of my household elected to golf & take advantage of a sunny day and I elected to take advantage of the 10 kg bag … Continue reading Fresh Homemade Pasta

Lentil Egg Drop Soup

Lentil & Egg-Drop Soup

Hearty, healthy, protein-rich soup that will help keep those cold weather days at bay while leaving you full and energized. Egg-drop soup may indeed be one of my most favourite types of soup in the entire world. The concept is simplistic genius, it’s delectable and can genuinely be enjoyed without feeling guilty. Are eggs good … Continue reading Lentil & Egg-Drop Soup

Hi I’m Brynne 😀

A flexitarian, lover of travel, the outdoors, comfy movie nights and learning new things. This space acts as a platform to educate, entertain and inspire people in all things food. Here you’ll discover healthy & comforting recipes, guides, food/travel experiences & my love of soup. Most recipes are healthy, others are indulgent, but all are playful.

Whether I’m halfway around the world exploring a new cuisine or basking in a post-poutine glow, food is life.

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7 Reasons to Cook at Home

7 Reasons to Cook at Home

Cooking at home can be time consuming and at times seem tough, but there are some really great reasons to do it; your health and finances being foremost on the list!

How to peel an avocado properly

How to Peel an Avocado

Want to get the most out of that expensive, delicious, creamy, dreamy, scrumptious green fruit on your counter? Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

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